Episode 1 - BDSM Fetish The Game

Welcome to our maiden episode of Alternative Play. AP host JayCee interviews Mistress Clarissa and Brandon Osorio of Wisdom Vault to talk about consent and safety in BDSM play. In addition, we will learn about BDSM Fetish The Game, a table-top role-playing game that teaches lifestyle veterans and vanillas the intricacy of contracts, negotiations, and scenes.

Mistress Clarissa is a life coach with a flogger. She's been in the alt scene for over 20 years, a popular preceptor, public speaker, presenter & teacher. She can be found on her website http://MClarissa.com, Twitter http://twitter.com/TheMistressClar/, and Fetlife http://fetlife.com/users/16704

Brandon G. Osorio is best known for developing an exciting new style of tabletop gaming exemplified by Dark Refuge: The Adventure Game, and the Time Shredders roleplaying game. Since then he has authored eight novels including the philosophical science-fantasy epics God Swords: Saga of the Bladed Sun and Day Earth Died, and seven Dark Refuge sourcebooks for Dark Refuge Games (www.darkrefuge.net). Brandon has also been part of the team that developed Wisdom Vault (www.wisdomvault.us), designed to promote the undiscovered authors and creators. In previous years, Wisdom Vault has released Ray Lamb's poetry book Bring This Song to Others, and Allison Oakes Baby's First Book of Euphemisms, which featured Brandon's artwork. Brandon worked closely with NYC ProDomme Mistress Clarissa on the release of BDSM Fetish The Game, a roleplaying game designed to emphasize safe, sane and consensual adult roleplaying experience for players 21 and up.