Episode 2 - Erotic Adventures by Charmscale

Welcome to episode 2 of Alternative Play. Alt Play host JayCee interviews Madeline Peterson to talk about her gaming groups, her erotica, and her 5th edition D&D kink supplement, Erotic Adventures.

Madeline is known for her erotica and Game Design under the pen name of Charmscale and has written: A Demon's Lust and A Demon's Child, In the Spider's Web, The Bottle, Illithid's Tale, and the soon to be published Erotic Adventures. Madeline Peterson has been playing tabletop games for over a decade and has been in the lifestyle for nearly as long. In her free time, she enjoys various tabletop games, writing fantasy erotica, crochet, knitting, chainmail, programming, and a bit of light bondage.

You can find Madeline on the web on:

The Erotic Adventures Kickstarter