The Cube of Death podcast is a game show that blends elements of roll playing games with trivia challenges into a show made for your entertainment. Season 1: Quest for the Orex consists of 13 single elimination matches to determine 1 geek trivia champion.

Each game is played with three guests. Each guest plays a character that has a special ability they can use once per game and 25 life points. These characters are named and players are encouraged to give them a personality. The game is run by our host James Carpio who is assisted by his producer Peter Bryant. James determines the order the players will compete and Pete keeps score.

Each game has a genre and a pre-designed adventure associated with it. The players take turns round robin style going through the encounters of the adventure. Each encounter will require the player to correctly answer a trivia question or take 1d6 damage. Answering correctly can grant them one-use treasures or simply allow them to pass unharmed. The winner is the last standing player.

This player will return to go up against other winners in a semi-final round. The winners of the semi finals will return to compete in a final round to determine the champion. The champion wins an actual physical model of the Orex and of course bragging rights.

The Cube of Death PodCast is part of the TSR Games Podcast Network. You can listen to it by clicking one of the buttons below.


Tri Tac Games Podcast covers the gamut of roleplaying topics from how to handle time travel in your game, playing extreme characters, to topics that every GM ought to know. While we focus mainly on Tri Tac products, this podcast is for every role player out there.

Current hosts: Bruce Sheffer, John Reiher, and Robert Polosky. Former hosts: Peter Bryant, Paul Nunes, and Jay Hailey.

For over seven years this podcast has been going strong with a release every week and additional special episodes thrown in from time to time. Just a few of the topics we have covered are: Pirates, Dinosaurs, Zombies, Gaming Natural Disasters, Super Rich Characters, Troublesome Characters, Character Back Stories, Gaming the 70's, Killing Characters, Playing Monsters, Phobias, Alien Love, and Playing Cartoons.