Cube of Death is the RPG card game that uses geek trivia to resolve actions. The game can be played three different ways.


This is the most basic style of play. Each player gets a predetermined number of cards. On their turn, they will ask any other player a question from one of their cards. If the opponent gets the answer correct, the player must give them the card which goes into their trick pile. If the opponent gets it wrong, the player puts the card in their trick pile. Each card has a point value associated with it. When all of the cards have been used, the players count their tricks. the player with the most points wins.


This style is played with two teams generally of two or three players each and a Game Master. Every round the Game Master draws a card and asks one of the teams the question on the card. If they get it right they get to roll 1d6 damage to the opposing team. If they get it wrong, they take damage. Each team has 30 hit points. The first to run out of points loses the match and is eliminated. This version introduces Heroes and Treasure cards.


This is the most complex version of the game. The Game Master will run the players on an adventure. They will all go head-to-head using the cards to resolve actions. Their are also encounters, traps, and hazards to deal with. The last player standing wins the game. This version makes use of Heroes and Treasure cards.


Each player can chose a class (thief, wizard, barbarian, etc.) to play and each class has two special abilities. They may use one of these per game. Some abilities do extra damage, avoid damage, avoid traps, allow help with answers, and so on.


The questions are all over the map but they are all geek related. There are questions from every walk of geek culture. Topics include: Speed Racer, Voltron, Blade Runner, Star Wars, Star Trek, Conan, Tron, Physics, Chemistry, Pac Man, Norse Mythology, Robin Hood, X-Men, Superman, The Matrix, Harry Potter, Astronomy, Monopoly, Dark Wing Duck, Monty Python’s Holy Grail, Lord of the Rings, The Princess Bride, Krull, Elric, Wheel of Time, Indiana Jones, The Phantom, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, King Author, Beowulf, Spaceballs, Doctor Who, Back to the Future… and the list goes on, and on…


These cards have two questions from two different categories. The player will be chose which category they would like to answer and the question will be read to them.

Double Damage

The cards have one category but two questions. The player must answer the first question and then a follow on question. They must get both questions right.


These are multi-part questions that have six answers (might change to three). The player must answer all parts of the question or suffer the consequences.

Game show

Cube Of death was originally designed as a convention game show and you are encouraged to run it that way. It's also great at the table with friends and makes for a pretty good drinking game. If you want to run this at a convention and have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Cube of Death is one of the TSR Podcast Network shows. We played it with industry guests and it was a great deal of fun. It's fully edited with sound effects and music. You can listen to Season One here.


The latest version of Cube of Death is coming to KickStarter soon. We're shooting for March but we'll update you here and in the News feed.