Game School Guest Form


Here is everything you need to know to be on the show. Please fill in the survey below. If  you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Medium: We will record these sessions using Zencastr. You will receive a link by email which will launch Zencastr in your browser. This browser based program will allow us to talk to one another and will your audio locally. It will then stream it to us automatically. That way we get everyone's best possible quality and all you need to do is click a link and talk. There's no extra learning or work on your part.

Requirements: This is an audio show. You will need to have a microphone and if you can please use headphones as it reduces echo. Zencastr is only available on desktop computers so we can't accommodate mobile connection.



ACT 1: In the first act we talk about you and the game in general terms. This short interview is mainly to prime the audience on who you are and how your game came to be.

ACT 2: In act two you will guide us over the system mechanics and a pre-made character that you'll send us.

ACT 3: In act three you will run our host through a 15-20 minute pre-made event with the character we just went over. In this way the listener is fully immersed in the game. We wrap up the show with where and how to obtain a copy of the game (or anything else you want to plug).


Rules: It's not required but if you can send us a pdf version of the game, we'll go over it first so that we can provide the best possible interview. We will also share this file with our blogging team at to write a review about your game. You basically get a twofer!

Character: We'll need one premade character from you in pdf format. We'll use this to go over character creation and will be the character we use in the event.

Event: You'll need to prep an event to run our host on. Please make this event focused on what makes your game awesome.

Images: We'll be featuring your game on our podcast page, social media page, and blog page. We'd love it if you could send us three to five images to help make you look as good as possible in our posts.


Your Information

This form will serve as an opportunity for us to collect the most important information about you, the guest, and how we can best include this information throughout the show.

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Please include a link to any additional website you want to share with our audience.
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