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Scott Pond and Tori Duke Pond are the powerhouse duo behind the ScoTori Podcast, where they talk about life and current events, interview people from all walks of life, as well as review movies, music, games, books, and products.

Scott is a multi creative, with experience in photography, art, graphic design, and visual communications.

Tori has experience in publication editing and is the marketing and social media guru behind ScoTori, working tirelessly in unearthing new and exciting outlets for them both.

You can find them on social media under ScoTori, through their website ScoTori.com, and soon you can hear them on iTunes and your favorite podcatcher on the ScoTori Podcast.

Bruce Press spent 30 years as a Computer Engineer and regrets none of it. Except for all the time he didn't spend as a photographer. He is a husband to one and a father to many (or so it seems). When he is not creating images or video, he is working to promote science, critical thinking, podcasts and the idea that everyone on this planet will be equally screwed if we don't pull it together.


The MythWits bring you the very best in geek pop culture. A weekly live video show, on-demand video channel, and audio podcast. Specializing in informative interviews and convention coverage all with a heavy dose of comedy.

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