Balticon Hot Ones Challenge

The MythWits are joined by ScoTori do the Hot Ones Challenge at BaltiCon. They answer questions from ScoTori, Violet LeVoit, and their audience.

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Erik Frankhouse

We talk with artist, game designer, and Iron GM, Erik Frankhouse.

Erik Frankhouse Presents produces tabletop products in the form of audio guided adventures, how to podcasts, consulting and paid storytelling. He is a 3 time Iron GM and drinker of beer!

Game of Thrones Discussion

Pete is in a flying machine, so Mike is joined by special guest Jonathan Reinhart of the War Gaming Recon Podcast.  Tonight we’re talking game of thrones. We will talk about the ancient history of the seven kingdoms and then, SPOILER ALERT, we will discuss our thoughts and reactions to season


The Last Crusade

Tonight we review Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade with our BFF's from ScoTori.  Scott Pond & Tori Duke Pond.
The Last Crusade Turns 30 this year.  Does it hold up? Join us and see if you agree with us.  Email us at

Please visit Scott and Tori’s pages

Astrophysists - Ethan Siegel

Ethan Siegel is a theoretical astrophysicist, author, blogger, and full-time science communicator. He spent many years as a full-time physics professor before devoting his career to sharing the story of all we know about the Universe and how we know it with the general public. His books range from the origin of the Universe to the real-life science behind Star Trek's technologies, and you can find him and his latest work at Starts With A Bang on Forbes, Medium, SoundCloud, and all over social media.

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Summer Movie Draft 2019

The MythWits are doing their annual Box Office Movie Draft. Join Mike and Pete as they welcome Scott Sigler, AB Kovacs, and Violet LeVoit.

We'll be bidding on movies to try and build the best slate that will earn the. The one who’s movies earns the highest gross domestic box office earnings earning at the end of summers wins!

You can check out the movies we'll be bidding on and watch the bidding results at:

PRE-ORDER Scott Sigler’s GFL Book 6 at: on or after April 1st

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TotalCon 33 Report

Pete and Mike are joined by Steve Wollet and Laura-Nicole Spence to wax nostalgic about their recent adventures at Totalcon 33 and the infamous TSR Room.

Steve Wollett is a producer, director, author, and owner of Nerd Rage News. He recently directed Word from a Gamer, a documentary about tabletop games. His show, Behind the Curtain, interviews celebrities and explores the real people behind the scenes.

Spence is a podcaster, voice actor, and audio engineer. She is a co-host on TSR’s Game School, hosts her own show Cold Reads and has done voice acting on a number of titles.


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Ben Radford

Benjamin Radford joins the MythWits to talk about cryptids, the importance of applying science when investigating the paranormal, and play a game.