Nerd Rage Shoes

Pete and Mike are joined by Steve Wollett to talk about what steve has been up to:

  • Word From a Gamer

  • Don’t Say his name


  • Murder Me Sunshine, The Revelations of Eiko, Nerd Rage Uprising

  • Blasphemous Cocktails

  • Herbalcopia

  • Manual of Manliness

  • Political books

Most Importantly, check out: Nerd Rage Shoes 


Matt Finch

We talk to Matt Finch, the ENNIE-winning author of the Swords & Wizardry clone of OD&D, the Tome of Adventure Design, the Quick Primer for Old School Gaming, He has a very active and attractive Patreon community and runs a youtube channel called Matt Finch RPG Studio.


Erik Frankhouse

We talk with artist, game designer, and Iron GM, Erik Frankhouse.

Erik Frankhouse Presents produces tabletop products in the form of audio guided adventures, how to podcasts, consulting and paid storytelling. He is a 3 time Iron GM and drinker of beer!

TotalCon 33 Report

Pete and Mike are joined by Steve Wollet and Laura-Nicole Spence to wax nostalgic about their recent adventures at Totalcon 33 and the infamous TSR Room.

Steve Wollett is a producer, director, author, and owner of Nerd Rage News. He recently directed Word from a Gamer, a documentary about tabletop games. His show, Behind the Curtain, interviews celebrities and explores the real people behind the scenes.

Spence is a podcaster, voice actor, and audio engineer. She is a co-host on TSR’s Game School, hosts her own show Cold Reads and has done voice acting on a number of titles.


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