JeoparNerdy with Friends

Pete and Mike are joined by David Clarke from Off Shoot Comics and our old co-host Brian Olvera.

We talk about David’s experience at SDCC 2019, catch up with Brian, and then Play JeoparNerdy!

We wrap up with the movie draft minute, and it all goes by too damn fast


Please check out what david Clarke and the guys over at Offshoot Comics have going on. Especially, check out

Brian Olvera is up to all good over at go shout at his face on twitter @LiveStudioBrian

The Last Crusade

Tonight we review Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade with our BFF's from ScoTori.  Scott Pond & Tori Duke Pond.
The Last Crusade Turns 30 this year.  Does it hold up? Join us and see if you agree with us.  Email us at

Please visit Scott and Tori’s pages