January 2016

2015 was an amazing year! We had planned to release Mythic Steel but were approached by TSR Games to produce two new podcasts. We were excited about the concepts and decided to change direction. So here's the news for January 2016...

The Game School PodCast is hosted by Satine Phoenix, Chad Parrish, and Peter Bryant. We interview a game designer about their game and then do a short demo. You learn about the game from the actual designer and get to experience an adventure in the way the game was intended. Chad does most interviews and Satine does most of the game play. Peter produces the show and stands in for Chad or Satine when they can't make it.

Cube of Death is a podcast based off of our card game. However, we have amped it up about a 100 times. James Carpio is your host and Peter Bryant is the producer, judge, and score keeper. The show involves a quest to find all of the pieces of the Orex. Contestants play characters compeating for the pieces. Navigating hazards, defeating creatures, surviving traps, and combating each other is all handled by answering trivia questions. The last person standing wins the game.

MythWits is entering Season 3 and we have some really awesome guests this year. We also have a totally new formet. Interviews are 30-40 minutes and the entire show is about an hour long. We are then breaking the live show into the interview and the game and releasing them as seperate videos. This makes it a little more bite sized. We finally have the podcast off the ground with the inteviews on the following Monday, the Game Show the following Friday, and any funny bits on Wednesdays.

That's all we have for this month. Check back in February for more stuff!