Advanced Strategy Cards for Chess

Rogue Chess uses cards to modify the move and capture of chess pieces. Each card is specific to a certain chess piece and when played will modify that piece's move, capture, or add a special effect. Every round a player may use a card or move as normal. Once the card is played, the player discards it and draws a new one.


Re-energize your current chess game. Maybe you like chess, maybe you used to like it. Question is, how much do you like it now? How long has it been since you've played chess? If it's been a while you should get Rogue Chess and revitalize your game. Make chess fun again!


Expand your current chess game. Love chess already? Awesome! Get Rogue Chess and expand your game to a new level. With all of the revolving options that come about you will be forced to think on your feet and will help you think outside the box.


Even if you are a chess purest you can still enjoy Rogue Chess. Okay, okay, I know... You are my hard sell but please consider it because I really think you'll love it. The game still works with the basic chess concepts. The cards only affect the piece they were designed for and they maintain the basic concepts of that piece. Everyone knows all of the available moves because the cards are laid out face up. The only thing that breaks the basic concepts of chess is the chance of what cards you will get. That can be mitigated with a variant rule that I have created just for you!


Last but certainly not least, what about those of you that have never played chess. Why not? Well, if it's because chess is boring then Rogue Chess might just change all of that for you. Adding these cards to your chess game gives it a whole new life. Kids love it

Rogue Chess. Because no plan survives contact with the enemy.

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