Hi, I'm Peter "Blix" Bryant and I am the owner and sole employee of Aether Forge Creations a subsidiary of Studio187.com LLC. I started Studio187 back in 1999 and went professional in 2013. I make games, produce podcasts, do digital artwork, and write fiction. This web site is the home base of my creations and where you can find all of my goodness.



Aether Forge Creations is first and foremost a gaming company. It's where I started and where everything I do flows from. All of the art, fiction, and podcasting I do flows from gaming. I embrace the gaming community as a whole and have worked with several different companies to develop product. I will continue to do so but the future is going to focus mainly on my own products as my passion drives me in that direction recently.



While I had never envisioned this as a direction for my creative outlets, podcasting has become one of my many passions and thus an inevitable direction for my company. If you like podcasts I hope you love mine. 



This is how I got into the professional arena and one of my other great passions. While I'm not currently in the business, I may do a project or two in the future but that's only if something really enticing comes along. That said, you will be seeing a bunch of art coming out of Aether Forge for my own projects as everything I do requires art.



I am currently working on some really cool fiction. It's a bit of a ways off but some of my short stories have been written and they are part of a novel I'm currently working on. This novel is the first of a series and I hope to see these published in the years to come.