What are the three artifact-tier magical weapons that appeared in the AD&D module “S2: White Plum Mountain”?

White Plume.png

Black Razor: Blackrazor takes the form of a greatsword with a jet-black blade, sometimes described as being filled with star-like glimmers of light. It is a soul-eating blade driven by an incessant hunger for the lives of others, which compels its bearer to hunt and slay people.

Wave: Wave was an intelligent True Neutral trident, determined to convert everybody to worship Poseidon. It had the combined powers of a Trident Of Fish Commanding and a Trident of Warning, possessed the ability to find water, granted its bearer the ability to breath water and act underwater, could function as a Cube of Force, and one final power: Dehydrate. On a to-hit roll of 20, it sucked vital fluids from the victim's body, causing them to take first the initial damage, and then to halve their remaining hit points.

Whelm:  Whelm is an intelligent +3 hammer (+5 hammer for dwarves) whose driving purpose is to slay all of the monstrous enemies of dwarfdom: trolls, giants, and goblinoids. Whelm can detect the presence of gold, gems and goblins, and has the powers of a Hammer of Stunning (1/day, pound the ground to create a 60ft shockwave that forces up to 45 hit points worth of enemies to save vs. spell or be stunned for 1d4 rounds). Additionally, a dwarf wielder can throw the hammer 150 feet as a ranged attack 3/day, with it returning each time it is thrown. However, it bears a minor curse and inflicts severe agoraphobia on the bearer, causing them to take a -2 penalty when not fighting in an enclosed space or at night.

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